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An Account of a Savage

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

A young girl, abandoned and left to survive in the wild, appears 12 years later in a nearby town. This mysterious feral child becomes the subject of great interest to the medical world who seek to civilise and return her to humanity, by any means necessary.


With the world watching, the doctors begin their treatments and experimentation, but as the pressure to please the public builds, a true savagery is revealed.

Featuring physical theatre, original music and horror - An Account of a Savage explores the boundaries of love and morality, through dark but hopeful storytelling.

"...During this equal parts captivating, inviting and horrifying production, the question of the very nature of humanity is wrestled with. It is to An Account of a Savage’s credit that it demands active consideration of such issues, from the striking opening image of a wild girl (the titular ‘savage’) apparently crucified, through scenes of cruelty, transgression and surprising beauty... Though not at all comfortable viewing, this show will leave a mark."
Broadway Baby

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