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Have you ever felt alone amongst the crowds or lost in familiar surroundings? Perhaps you feel that you're searching for answers to a question you don't know how to ask? If so, Janus has the answer! 


Welcome to Janus. A loving community of free-thinkers, working in harmony to answer the eternal question of humankind’s true purpose. 


With inspiration and guidance from our enlightened leader Mother, together we will unlock our true potential and carve out a new destiny for humankind.


Wrong Shoes Theatre Company invites you to an immersive theatrical experience featuring physical theatre, stark realism and original music. Janus explores our desire to belong, and the lengths we'll go to remain…


WARNING: Contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Including scenes of a sexual nature, violence, blood and strong language - suitable for ages 16+ only.

Audience reviews:


"Very unsettling, destabilising. Excellent!"
"Amazing, Highly recommend!" 
"Very original and timely."
"I will probably have nightmares tonight!"
"A great performance start to finish. Gets you thinking!" 

Cast and Production

Phoenix - Rebecca Martin

Oz - Charlie Mitchell

Eve - Kate Rowsell

Grus - Rafaela Barros

Lilly - Charlotte Barnes

The Doctor - Luke Marquez


Director - Luke Marquez

Dramaturg / Producer - Hannah Marquez

Composer - Gary Bamford

Costume - Rebecca Martin

Lighting and Sound - Richard Abrams

Photography - Elmar Rubio

About Wrong Shoes

Find out about Wrong Shoes Theatre Company - what we do, who we are, and our approach to theatre making.

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