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The Anima Project

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014


In a near future where genetic screening is used to determine your place in society, the Anima Project uses controversial therapy to cure those with unfavourable genetic personality traits - who would otherwise be condemned to death or the work-camps.


As members of the media and potential investors, the audience are invited to experience the first live clinical trial of this pioneering research and follow the fate of four undesirables: Patients A, B, C and D.


The Anima Project is an experiential promenade piece of theatre, featuring music, dark comedy and horror.


The Patients - Josh Foyster, Harriet Dearing, Tristan O'Neil, Hannah Marquez

The Nurse - Victoria Price

The Doctor - Luke Marquez

"A tricky, unnerving subject, flawlessly executed. Excellent theatre, extraordinarily disturbing."
Edfringe Review

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